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League of Legends – How to Practice

November 13, 2017

League of Legends is a very competitive game. It doesn't have PvE content so all players will eventually join a match against real opponents. This is why the game was designed: to provide an environment for competitive MOBA players. But this doesn't mean that new players are thrown on the battlefields as soon as they make an account. There are a few ways to train before jumping into a match against fellow players. 

Tutorial and battle training are the first two training modes. New players shouldn't skip them. By playing these modes first, players will understand what the game is about, its rules, objectives, and mechanics. Players will also learn how to control their characters. Other two features that are introduced in the tutorial are jungle buffs and ambushes. These tutorials provide a minimum of needed knowledge to engage in a fight with real players. During the tutorials, players will have tasks to complete. They will also learn some basic strategies. 

Co-op against the AI is another training mode. Players will join forces with four others and test skills against the computer. This mode offers the perfect chance for players to learn how to work as a team. Co-op against the AI is not only for new players. It's a great occasion to learn how to play with a new champion. When a new champion joins the roster, most players test it in a co-op match against the computer first. This mode provides teams with an easy way of developing and testing new strategies. To join a co-op game, players will first have to open the client. The next step is to click the button that says Play. A few options will be displayed. One of them is Co-op vs. AI. Players can enter this mode with a party of friends but they can also be matched with others. A few difficulty options are available. Co-op mode is fun in the beginning but players should get into a real match as soon as they learn the game's basics.  

This is only a small guide to tell you how to practice in League of Legends, this is not the only way to play LOL well. Next time we will talk about  League of Legends RP Card and offer free tips to help you know more about RP card buying and usage.